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Bye – Laws

Club Bye Laws

Full, Honorary and Adult Family Members

Shall have the full use of all the club premises and also be entitled to sail at times when there is no organised sailing. Such members may obtain a clubhouse key on payment of a small fee.

Junior Young, Student and Young Family Members

Shall have full use of the club premises but may only sail in the presence of a clubhouse key holder at times when organised sailing is not taking place.

Group Members

Shall be part of a group and shall abide by the conditions for the group as decided by the committee including restrictions on numbers attending the premises. Otherwise they shall have the same rights and privileges as other similar aged categories of membership of the club but shall not have the right to introduce visitors or take part in the management of the club.

Associate & Temporary Members

Which may include members of another RYA affiliated club shall be bound by the club rules, bye-laws and regulations of the club as if he or she were a full member but have no right to introduce visitors or to take part in the management of the club. ASSOCIATE Members are non-sailing members. TEMPORARY members may enter club races or regattas if specifically authorised by the committee. Otherwise both TEMPORARY and ASSOCIATE Members shall have full use of the club facilities.


It is a condition of membership that specified duties are undertaken in support of racing and organised leisure sailing.


All dinghies and sailboards must be insured through the class association or a registered insurer with third party cover for at least £3,000,000.

Boat Buoyancy

Must be in accordance with class rules or to the satisfaction of the committee in the case of non-racing classes.

Buoyancy Aids

Appropriate buoyancy aids must be worn at all times by persons afloat. Suitable buoyancy must be worn by young children on shore unless they are under close parental supervision.

Powered Craft

Are not allowed except the committee and safety boats which may only be used during organised events. Instructions for the use of these boats are displayed in the respective boat houses. Safety boats should be manned by two competent people and only driven at high speed in an emergency. The first duty of the safety boat is the safety of personnel before righting capsizes. Children under the age of 12 should not be carried in the safety boat unless being rescued.

Limitations of Craft

Only dinghy and sailboard types approved by the committee are permitted to sail on the club water. Canoes and rowing boats are not allowed.

Organised Sailing

Covers all events including racing, leisure sailing and training sessions when a manned safety boat will be on the water. These events will be agreed by the committee and a copy of the season’s programme will be sent to every club member at the start of the season. Any sessions agreed by the committee but too late for publication will be advertised at least one month in advance.

Non-organised sailing

Adult members may sail at their own risk when safety boat cover is not available. Helms must only sail when they are confident that they can cope with prevailing weather conditions. Access to the clubhouse will be required to enable the visitor log to be signed and give access to emergency telephone, first aid and hot showers if required. Young members under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a competent adult member. Sailors are requested to keep well clear of the banks where fishing is taking place.

Use of the Clubhouse

Members may use the clubhouse at any time but the member opening the clubhouse and switching on any services must switch off and lock up when leaving or positively hand over responsibility to another keyholder. All members are expected to keep the clubhouse and boat park clean and tidy. No food must be left at the club and any rubbish taken home.

Open Meetings

Details of which appear in the club programme are restricted to club members and others who wish to compete in the advertised class of dinghy on payment of an entry fee. No other boats are permitted to sail during the racing.


Will be allocated by the Berthing Officer and are not transferable. The committee must be notified if a boat is disposed of or sold to another member. Members must regularly cut the grass around their boat throughout the season and check that it is securely tied down.

Abandoned Boats

If a member is more than three months in arrears with any fees or subscriptions due to the club the committee may move the vessel or sell it, without being liable for loss or damage, in accordance with the club Rules and Constitution.

Club Area

Members are requested to keep within the club area and not wander about the lake shore or park. Dogs must be confined to the car park and not allowed to run loose.


Are not permitted in the boat park and must be parked in the car park so as not to cause obstruction to other cars or the approaches to the clubhouse.

Road Trailers

Must not be left on the club premises as this encourages theft.


Members are responsible for the welfare and good behaviour of their visitors (including children) who must be entered in the visitor log. The same visitor may not attend more than three times in a season without prior committee approval and may not bring their own boat. Visitors may sail in a suitably insured member’s boat. Racing results with a visitor as crew will be counted but not as helm.

Dangerous Occurences

Details of accidents and near misses should be recorded using an accident report book located by the First Aid cabinet as instructed.


RYA recognised training courses for dinghies are held throughout the season. Those wishing to join such courses should contact the training officer for further details and availability. Powerboat courses are restricted to those who undertake to perform safety boat duties in support of club activities. The club may assist members to become sailing instructors but such assistance is conditional on the recipients assisting with the tuition on dinghy training courses organised by the club.

Health Hazards

In common with all small inland waters there is a small risk of infection from Leptospirosis and occasional blooms of blue/green algae. Open wounds should be protected by a waterproof covering. Symptoms of Leptospirosis are similar to influenza and your GP should be warned in the event of illness. Any sightings of rats or their droppings should be reported to a committee member. Members and children are therefore advised not to swim or play in the water.


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