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Health & Safety

health & safety


Dinghy sailing at Nantwich is generally a safe sport if common sense precautions are taken by members and their guests. The committee are dedicated to increasing members enjoyment and reducing risk in all aspects of the clubs activities and bring the following to members attention.

Dangerous Occurences

Details of accidents and near misses should be recorded using the accident report book located by the First Aid cabinet as instructed.

Health Hazards

In common with all small inland waters there is a small risk of infection from Leptospirosis (Weils Disaease) and occasional blooms of blue/green algae. Open wounds should be protected by a waterproof covering. Symptoms of Leptospirosis are similar to influenza and your GP should be warned in the event of illness. Any sightings of rats or their droppings should be reported to a committee member. Members and children are therefore advised not to swim or play in the water.

Click for more information on Leptospirosis or Blue Green Algae or see the information on the club noticeboard.


Adult members may sail at their own risk when safety boat cover is not available. Helms must only sail when they are confident that they can cope with prevailing weather conditions. Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when afloat.

Powerboat operators must use the kill-cords provided and are reminded of RYA advice when in the vicinity of crew in the water.

“With someone in the water, stay in the helmsman’s seat between the casualty and your propeller.  Once in contact turn off the engine unless there is a compelling reason not to  e.g. a very close lee shore.”

The slipways can be slippery at time and care is needed when launching or recovering boats.

Members are reminded that insurance cover of at least £3,000,000 must be held for each boat brought to the club.


Children are not allowed in the galley or powerboats nor should they use the power mower, strimmer or jet washer. Eye and ear protectors and a face mask are available for use with the strimmer.


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