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Club Logo History Solved

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For the attention of Richard Goodwin

I see from the May 2013 Dodd Post that you are interested in the history of the club logo.

First of all I was a member of NBCYC/NBCSC until 1973 when I left to come to Canada. My name should be on the trophy board and I was the first holder of the G & P Trophy donated by George and Peggy Mainwaring.

In 1968 when the original club Nantwich and Border Counties Yacht Club split into the 2 clubs NBCYC and NBCSC it was agreed that as the founding member the Yacht Club should retain the original logo. (see their web site for details) and that the sailing club would have a new logo. At that time I was the secretary of the Sailing section and was also through my employment with English Electric had access to a commercial artist and printer (label and transfer maker) and together came up with the design of the new logo. The design is based on the Welsh Dragon and the English Lion Rampart with the wavy  green denoting the green of Cheshire and the mountains of Wales. The transfer master was passed on to member John Plant of Shelly China who provided club prizes at that time.

I have also attached 3 photos you can use in your historic section


  This is the first year of my sailing at Doddington in my GP Trade Winds 4097 My mother Rene Wright is crew.




 Here we are on a plane with Noel Groom behind The hull was painted with Gaphspeed






 here are my trophies for one year me on the left and Tony Danbury my crew on the right


Barry Wright



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