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DutyMan Help


DutyMan is a web-based system that allows you to check the duties allocated to you and organise swaps as and when necessary. It will also send you reminder emails 14 and 7 days before each duty.

Please make sure you confirm your duties – i.e. say you will attend (so the blue tick appears)

Please try to swap an identical duty – SBO for SBO

Be patient when waiting for replies to swaps as not everyone looks at their email on a regular basis.

Please try and swap when you know that you won’t be able to do a duty.  If you don’t get a reply, try again nearer the time.

Please reply to all swap requests even if it’s No (otherwise the requestor doesn’t know).

Swapping duties
The preferred method of swapping duties is by using DutyMan, so even if you arrange a swap by more ‘traditional’ methods, please remember to update DutyMan accordingly.



Click here for help about how to arrange a swap


Change of e-mail address

DutyMan will not remind you if your email address has changed! Remember to update DutyMan with new email or phone details via the ‘Profile’ tab


Lost your password
If you have lost your password – go to the DutyMan web site and click on the Don’t know name or password? link (just below the password entry box)



Duties on your phone
You can see your duties on your internet-enabled Smart Phone – look at the ‘More’ tab on the right hand side of the DutyMan page.



Update your contact details or password
From the ‘More’ tab you can also update your contact details or password, get the welcome message resent or add DutyMan to your favourites.



Transfer duties to calander
The ‘Export’ tab lets you export your duties in various formats, including as iCal file that you can import directly into Outlook or similar.




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