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Galley Duty

Galley Duty Guide

  • Please read the information on  the Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy and  Health and Safety on the club website.

• Arrive at least half an hour before first gun & inform the OOD of your arrival.

• Check that the OOD has turned on the mains water and electricity.

• Use two kettles for making hot drinks.

• OOD will have brought fresh milk other supplies in locked cupboard.

• The Treasurer will provide a cash float which will be in a small locked black cash box in the galley store cupboard. The key will be in the OOD’s key safe.

• Put cash float in till. A list of prices will be seen on the wall above till.

• Lay out confectionery, canned drinks etc. on the entrance end of counter.

• Also lay out sufficient mugs, teaspoons & sugar from the cupboard under counter.

• Be prepared to assist with race recording in start box if OOD is short handed.

• Check with other duty members and serve them with hot drinks — no charge.

• Ask OOD when race is due to end and have tea ready (8 bags in large pot)

• Cups of coffee (& soup during Frostbite) can be made individually as required.

• During frostbite check whether a drink is required at the end of the last race.

• Otherwise when the last race starts, wash all mugs etc. and leave the Galley area clean & tidy.

        Please Mop floor in galley and also  main room if very wet 

• Switch off power and pull out kettle plugs also boiler plug

• Lock confectionery, canned drinks and provisions in cupboard.

•  Money from till to be locked in cash box, key returned to OOD’s key safe and leave a  note in the till of any shortages e.g. beverages/sweets/cans etc

• Bag all litter and waste and leave by the door for removal by the OOD.

• Return locked cash box to galley store cupboard for collection by the Treasurer.

• Please inform the OOD before you leave.

• The OOD will turn off mains water and electricity and lock clubhouse.

• Contact OOD or a Committee member if in difficulty.

Thank you for undertaking this important duty, which is greatly appreciated.


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