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Officer of the Day Guide


Checklist for the Officer of the Day (O.O.D) – further information here

  • Please read the information on  the Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy, Health and Safety and Sailing Instructions on the club website.
  • Contact your team before the event to ensure they know what time they need to arrive and answer any questions they may have.
  • Bring sufficient milk for the galley, reimburse yourself for the cost from the galley takings.
  • On arrival unlock the clubhouse and turn the electricity on ( the water is automatically turned on)
  • Unlock the Race Hut, Bosuns Store and power boat sheds. If you don’t know where the padlock key is kept please contact a member of the committee.
  • Liaise with SBO to assign assistant. Switch on and test radios.
  • Check start boat for all equipment, sufficient fuel and erect flagpole. Ensure flag sequence card is in steering console.
  • Allocate duties to rest of team.
  • Prepare signing on/off sheets and race recording sheets.
  • Set a course and display on race box and start boat. Check that all buoys are to be passed on the correct side. Avoid a hooked finish and if possible have the first windward mark passed to port. Indicate number of laps on race box.
  • Get SBO to move buoys as required.
  • Give verbal warning onshore of preparatory signal time.
  • Set line. Course changes can be made prior to the preparatory signal. The course on the start boat takes preference if different from that on the race box.
  • Record times for all boats for all races, record retirements and Did Not Starts. Indicate on race recording sheets if any any amendments to the recorded times needs to be made for the different start times of the fleets.
  • On completion of racing ensure power boats are secured with drain plugs open, all mud washed off and electric isolator switches and radios off. Ensure that the Bosuns Store and start hut are locked.
  • Make arrangements for the clubhouse to be locked, ensure all windows are closed.
  • Take away the days rubbish for disposal.
  • Inform a committee member of any damage or other problems.
  • Please record the total number of boats in each fleet on the lake during the session and report to
  • Please Report Duty No Shows to
  • You can use the online form to report numbers and no shows
  • Thank you for carrying out your OOD Duty it is much appreciated by all who race.


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