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Procedure for using Club Lasers

Club Procedure – Use of Club Laser Dinghy’s                                                                               

The club laser dinghy’s are for use by club members under the following arrangements

  1. They can be used as part of the clubs training program as an introduction to sailing a laser dinghy at the discretion of the Principal Training Officer or Sail Training Officer
  2. They can be used by sailors after training. A donation of £5.00 should be made per ½ day session.
  3. They can be used by anyone else to further their experience by arrangement with the Sail Training Officer or his representative. The first time a club member uses the boat, need not make a donation. After this, a donation of £5.00 per session  should be made.
  4. They cannot be used for recorded Club Racing but can be used for people to try out during a race to gauge performance. A donation of £5.00 per session  should be made. The Safety Boat (Powered or Sail) must be on the water whilst the lasers are being used
  5. Central control for use of these lasers will be through Steve Lewis 07836 379856.

When using the club laser dinghies, the following procedure must be used:

a)      Unless already familiar with sailing a Laser, the user must undergo a user training session of upto 30 minutes duration during which, they will be shown how to rig the dinghy and how the controls work. This training session must include at least 10 minutes on the water. Please note that the kicker must be released when sailing downwind with a Radial Sail as there is a chance that the mast will fracture.

b)     After use, the dinghy must be washed down with clean water before stowing in its allotted position.

c)       A check should be carried out to ensure there is no damage or missing parts from the dinghy.

d)     After use, a Log Sheet must be completed with details of use.  Any incident or damage that may have occurred must be recorded Purple tech log in first aid cupboard.

Equipment Storage

The rudder, tiller and centre board are kept in the bosun’s store in protective covers, along with a rigging guide. The sail is to be rolled onto its storage tube and kept in the bosun’s store on the overhead racks. The control lines and masts are to be stored on the boat under the boat cover.

A set of laser spare parts are being assembled for use by all Laser fleet sailors and these can be used for the club Laser dinghies. A record of use must be entered on the Log Sheet. A list of Key Holders and Laser Helpers is kept in the  “Single Adult Sailing Facility Book” which is stored on the Training Cabinet in the club committee room. Forms for recording use are also kept in this manual.


Trevor Carman, Vice Commodore

T: 01782 721637 M: 07710 119678



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