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Membership Application Form

For additional help, before filling in the form, please take a look at

Information for Applicants Seeking Membership page

Club Bye-Laws , Constitution & Rules  and  Learn to Sail at Nantwich – RYA Training , .

Family membership only includes children up to 18. Single Adult is person over 24 yrs. Young Person is 19 to  24 yrs. A Junior Member is under 18yrs. All ages are as of 1st January 2018.

HELP for any questions or problems can be sought from the following:

Steve Lewis T 07836 379856 E-mail:

John Harrison T 01270 662772 E-mail:

Some Browsers can’t handle the date format correctly if you have problems used the Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD eg 1969-07-20

Existing members should use the Membership Renewal Form

Nantwich & Border Counties Sailing Club

Membership Application Form - October 2018 fees

Members Contact Details
Your Full Name (required)

Subscriptions for New Members include a one off Entrance Fee
Membership: Family £50+40, Single Adult £45+35,
Young U24 £22+10, Student/ Junior U18 £15+8,
Boat Berths £25
Preferred Name

Your Home Address

Your Email(required)

Mobile Phone   Home Phone

Sailing Experience   Power Boat Experience

Date of Birth if under 18
Please provide your Next of Kin details below if Under 18
Spouse / Partner / Next of Kin's Name

Partner's Preferred Name
Spouse / Partner / Next of Kin's Email

Mobile Phone  
Sailing Experience   Power Boat Experience
Partner's Occupation
Children (Please complete for Family Subscription) Child's Date of Birth   Sailing Experiance

Berth Class Sail Number Boat name Helm

All boats/boards must be insured with the Class Association or registered insurer with £3,000,000 third party cover

Working Parties 2018
There will be five organised working parties during 2018. Work parties start at 9.00am and finish by 1.00pm. Please notify Dave if you are subsequently unable to attend any date below.
Queries to Dave Edwards Work Party Organiser 01782 751517
Each working party that you attend in 2018 qualifies for a £12.00 reduction in the year 2019 subscription (£24 maximum). The working party levy is paid by single adult and by family members.
Other members who do not pay the levy and are therefore unable to claim the reduction are welcome to attend working parties
First Working Party Second Working Party

Duties 2018
Members are required to assist with three duties in support of
organised sailing. Your partner can do one of these duties on the
same day.(Counts as two Duties)
If you wish to do your duty with another member please enter their name
below so that it may be arranged where possible:
John Harrison Duty Co-ordinator 01270 662772
I wish to do one of my duties with a family member
(only for Family Memberships)
If possible I would like to do my duties with this member
Your duty type preference (required)
Your partner's duty type preference
Your duty day preference(s)

Your availability -

Please tell us when you can not do duties.

Additional information or comments
You will be sent a copy of the information you have submitted

Electronic Banking: Nantwich & Border Counties Sailing Club,
Barclays Bank Plc, Newcastle -under-Lyme.

Sort Code 20-59-23   Account No. 30661333

Quote your name under “reference” Cheques are payalbe to
N & B C S C please

Subscriptions for New Members include a one off Entrance Fee
Membership includes Entrance Fee
RYA Level 1&2  
RYA Stage 1&2
Boat Fee  
I am sendinga cheque to the Membership Secretarypayment by EBanking Payment amount £
Payment date

Please check the box to agree to
membership terms of N&BCSC

Membership terms and a full list of fees are on the website.

Remember to check the Agree Box before you click on the Send Button

This form can be downloaded in PDF format if you would prefer.



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