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Race with us

Racing is an important part of the clubs activities. We race every Sunday from March to December.

All our races are timed and scratch and personal handicap positions recorded. Series and Trophy winners are presented with their prizes at our annual prize giving.

Each fleet has a Fleet Captain who records the races, adjusts personal handicaps and generally looks after the fleet.


GP14 Fleet

A 2 person boat with spinnaker raced all over the world, the runners up at the 2015 world championships started their sailing at N&BCSC

Laser Fleet

The Laser is single handed dinghy that is sailed all over the world, it is one of the Olympic boats and was the boat in which Ben Ainslie won his first gold medal.

Fast Fleet

The fast menagerie fleet is for dinghies with a Portsmouth Number of 1160 or less. Currently it is predominately National Solos a single handed dinghy, but other boats including Enterprises, Wayfarers, National 12, Comets etc can race in the fleet.

Menagerie Fleet

The Slow Menagerie fleet is for boats with a Portsmouth Number 1160 or more. It includes Toppers, Picos, Comets, Mirrors, etc…

Fleet Captain: Richard Binns
Fleet Captain: Chris Keeling
Fleet Captain: Graham Smith
Fleet Captain: Trevor Carman

Richard has been a member for a number of years, he started racing crewing for Alan Thoms in a Mirror. He is an enthusiastic member of the club and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the GP 14 class and owns a number of classic boats. He is brilliant at encouraging members to race in the fleet.


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Chris came to the Laser Fleet after a number of years sailing a Comet. He has just taken over as fleet captain and is getting to grips with the Sailwave race recording software.

Previously Chris was Rear Commodore and was responsible for managing the replacement for slipways which had become dangerous.

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Graham has raced a Solo for a few years now having previously been a Laser sailor. He is a dab hand with Sailwave and often has the results posted on the website the same evening.

Graham is a member of the Training Team so is often at the lake all weekend.



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Trevor took over as Fleet Captain of the Menagerie Fleet last season. The fleet was in terminal decline but he has managed to turn it around and at at the prize giving last December prizes were awarded for most events, a remarkable achievment.

Trevor is also the Vice commodore and acting Membership Secretary.


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Sailing Instructions

From time to time we make changes to our Sailing Instructions, these can be seen on the right.

Managing Tie Breaks in Series Events
The Scoring System section 3.4 says “3.4. Ties. In the event of a tie the position in a series of races will be determined as in RRS Appendix A8”

This, along with our rule that 40%, rounded up of races sailed in a series are to count has lead to situations where a helm could win 12 races but the series awarded to one who had only won 10. The committee felt that this was inequitable and agreed the following changes to our Sailing Instructions for the 2017 season.

“If 2 sailors both count the same number of qualifying race wins then the sailors race, scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour of the boat with the best score. Excluded scores shall be used to decide ties”

Passing marks and finishing
Marks shall be passed in the order shown to port or starboard according to the colour shown.The normal finishing line is an extension of the line from the start box and pole, the outer extension is buoy one. When finishing buoy one shall be passed to the side indicated on the course board.


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