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Fleets & Trophies


Current Racing Fleets

There will be four racing fleets with four starts.

Start 1: Lasers only.

Start 2: Fast Fleet. Dinghies racing in the Fast Menagerie fleet have a PY No. of 1160  or less – e.g. Solo, Wayfarer, Comet  Enterprise

Start 3: Gp14

Start 4: Menagerie. Dinghies racing in the Menagerie fleet have a PY No. greater than 1160 e.g. Topper, Pico, Mirror, Comet


If you are unsure which fleet to sail in speak to the OOD or the Sailing Captain

N.B. Comets can elect to race in the Fast Fleet or the Menagerie Fleet but should not change fleets during Series or Trophy races.

All Series and Trophy races are sailed as scratch and handicap within the same race.



prize giving

Trophy & Points Races

Trophy or Points races will be events for all fleets i.e Laser, Fast Managerie, GP14 and Slow Menagerie. There will be four points series sailed over a number of days – Spring Points, Summer Points, Autumn Points and Frostbite. Fleet winners, both Scratch and Handicap, will be awarded trophies. Should the same helm come first in both scratch and handicap, only the scratch trophy will be awarded with the handicap trophy going to the helm coming second on handicap.

Trophies awarded on the 6 Trophy Days throughout the season will normally comprise three races with two out of three results counting towards the final positions.

In the case of the same helm coming first in both scratch and handicap on trophy days they will receive only the designated prize. This will be the Handicap Prize for Trophy events 1,3 & 5 and the Scratch Prize for Trophy events 2, 4 & 6 and the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Frostbite series.

The helm coming second on scratch in Trophy events 1, 3 & 5 and the helm coming second on handicap in the other events will receive the non-designated prize.

Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the committee.

Coxswain of the Year Series 

These are scratch trophies for the Victor Ludorum in each class, being awarded on the basis of the number of scratch wins in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Points, Frostbite series and the six Trophy days. The major trophies will be –


GP14                                                                        Coxswain of the Year

Two-handed boats                                                    Crew of the Year

Laser fleet                                                                 Good Wins Trophy

Fast Handicap                                                           Bennett Trophy

Menagerie Handicap                                                 Doddington Plate

Mixed Fleet                                                               Junior Challenge Trophy*


* Juniors must be under the age of 19 years at the end of the Autumn Points to qualify.

Trophies awarded on the 6 Trophy Days throughout the season will normally comprise three races with one discard.

Fleet Trophies


Event 1

Event 2

Event 3

Event 4

Event 5

Event 6

Frostbite Scratch

GP 14

Eric Lea Trophy

G & P Trophy

Rudd Trophy

Rose Cup

Davis Cup

Rose Trophy

Bickley Trophy



Kestrel Trophy

Douglas Trophy

Bovey Trophy

Laser Tankard

Laser Trophy

Charisma Cup

Laser Cup

Fast Fleet

Hobo Plate

Single Handed Tankard

Richards Trophy

Single Handed Salver

Madden Bell

Premier Cup

Shaw Jug

Menagerie Fleet

Howell Trophy

Dicey Tankard

Top Ten Trophy

Kittie Minnie

Barjim Plate

Concord Cup

Little Heath Trophy

Other Trophies

Salcombe Trophy

Phillipa Stothert Trophy

Junior Challenge

Stannard Trophy

Bond Trophy

Chadwick Cup

Shackleton Cup

Greenlee Trophy

Tony Mosley Cup

Awarded to the winner of the New Helms Series

Junior Pursuit Race

Most race wins by a junior in any fleet

Ladies Helm Pursuit Race

All Fleets Pursuit Race

All Fleets Pursuit Race

Most Races Sailed Laser Fleet

Most Races Sailed Fast Fleet

Most Handicap Wins GP 14 Fleet

John Clarke Freshers Trophy

Awarded to the most improved adult during the season

Mathew Ainsworth Trophy

Awarded to the junior who in the opinion of the Sailing Committee has made the most progress and demonstrated the most potential during the season


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